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  1. love the honda,s with the under seat exhaust and vents infront of the pillion they just look 100mph parked. my friend has a vfr and wouldnt ride any other bike he loves them i think he is on his 7th he has rode all types but just loves the vfr for an allrounder i love the sound of the sp1 but they are too rich to buy you like your hondas i think the best bike by far
  2. just sold an 04 cbr 600 rr had to change gears too often not enough low down grunt need the big 1000 again
  3. i thought i had found rust on the strutt tops/inner wings one day but on closer inspection it turned out to be crusted over grease i was relieved and happy some 1 had spent the time and taken a lot of care to preserve this car it gets loads of compliments and i love driving it when the sun shines but i have got the bug for another fireblade so the cavalier and wee vespa have to find new homes to make way for 1 although my wife isnt happy about the big bike thing again and my daughter loves the cavalier i dont know what to do . maybe finance a blade but with a vespa a yamaha dragstar a peugeot speedfight 2 mountain bikes 2 toyota corolla,s a transit van and a mini cooper we dont have room and im under orders to get rid of some machinery as i can only drive 1 at a time lol i love them all tho women just dont understand
  4. the car is running on the stealths at the minute as the original wheels need 4 new tyres due to being parked up in storage for a long time the sidewalls had cracked. and thanks i think its the nicest car in the street too it gets loads of attention and i wouldnt doubt unwanted attention when im not around so if im not in the car she has a disclock steering clamp fitted this is done even in the filling station as we in belfast seem to have a high number of thieving skiprats lol the car is for sale £2500ono and comes with original wheels and exhaust the wheels are mint no scuffs or dents . i will try and get some pics of the engine and underside boot sills rear arches to let you see how good a car she is cheers (getting very rare now)
  5. cheers matt thanks a million
  6. hi matt i think i sent them but not sure. thanks for your help
  7. what is your email address matt
  8. hi all im thinking of selling my cav its 1985 silver over dark grey/black model exactly the same as the jumping one from the old advertisment 1.8 engine with 77.900miles im the second owner having bought it from the original 1st registered ni owner it has the original wheels and the only mods are a set of tsw stealths and a stainless steel back box fittted at the minute originals will be with car in sale. old mots philips tape player motd to may nxt yr and taxed to end of oct this yr. any ideas on value as this car is as near to mint available no rust or rot has been undersealed from new and kept in dry storage. whats it worth??? can be viewed on helen birch facebook pics as im not great with computers and cant get pics on here.
  9. its ok cheers i got the fan motor working had to turn it manualy to get it started with some wd40 it has since stopped melting the fusebox as one of the guys mentioned in an earlier post. well at least i know its the motor. switch and everthing else seems to be fine i guess its old age and because the car was parked up not being used for a long time. thanks a million for your help i will try and source a replacement from a nova..
  10. hi could you post the pic of the modified 1 so i can copy it please and thanks mark
  11. hi guys the motor doesnt seem to be seized the fuse looks to be ok and i dont really want to go to auto spark as they are all complete rip off merchants in belfast. 1 said £120 on the phone before even seeing the car.
  12. cheers i will try later when my son comes home from school as im not great with computers
  14. any help or ideas to fix heater blower no air coming out at all and with the nice wet weather in ireland i need to be able to see out the steamed up windows thanks mark :-[
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