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  1. Hello there this is my first blog or even writing anything like this so I hope that it turns out OK and more importantly is easy to understand for someone that is this as a guide. A special thanks goes to neilsri130 as this was originally his idea I just put together this blog of my representation of his idea. OK so here goes. Things that you will need: 1 Meter self adhesive door bottom draught excluder (You don't need the glue as shown in the picture but this can be used if you wish) Philips head and Bladed screw driver A Stanley knife or equivalent
  2. Merry Christmas everyone ??

  3. Hi you asked me about the estate? Yes it should cope OK with the travelling. The exhaust is raspy but not too intrusive. Just don't race away from the lights all time.

    I did run it for a good hour and then clocked up 10 miles before the MOT test on Tuesday 

    It is on SORN 

    There is better photos on eBay as I have also listed it there

    1. Steven715


      Hello mate sorry but i think that you have the wrong person as I haven't asked any questions. :huh:

  4. As of the 1st April my Cavalier will be all legal again for the next 6 months. :)

  5. Nice one I will look forward to it.
  6. I'm in for the fuel filler update.
  7. Taking my Cavalier for its MOT tomorrow I hope it passes :unsure:

    1. Steven715


      Yay Passed!!! Just advisory on 3 of the tyers showing there age (Slight cracks in the side walls) Looks very good underneath. The tester gave me a tip to keep the break lines from going rusty to put a thin film of grease on them. :D

  8. Sorry to be a pain can the date be put the right way round? (dd/mm/yyyy) and maybe 24 hour clock:P 

  9. First up - just a walk round of my Cavalier L to show people that have never seen inside a mk2, This is also for documentation.
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