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  1. Steven I took the car to a couple of shows last year where it was awarded 2nd in its class for originality which I was over the moon with , I don't go to shows to win anything I just love driving the thing and letting other people see it. the colour is always a talking point wherever I go .
  2. Awoken today from its 5 months in storage over the winter , connected up the battery and fired into life straight away ,took it a quick run round the block everything working as it should ready to be taxed on the 1st of April ready for the show season
  3. How you doing James am good thanks , good to hear you got the bumper on. Cars going well mate heading to the lady bank show next week with it , are you going?
  4. Yeh Andy its was myself you spoke with mate , are you the fella with loads of vauxhalls if I remember rite? Yeh Matt it's the one your thinking of the car was found in the first owners garage with 17,500 miles from new it's now crept up to 18,400 from new with full history
  5. Thanks guys been doing loads of detailing work to it , had the wheels professionally dipped and powder coated which have came out Petty good I think . So happy with this car need to try and get down to billing with it next year heard it's a great show to go to
  6. Was out a nice run today so thought I would upload a few pictures for you guys to see [img width=800 height=451]http://i392.photobucket.com/albums/pp8/c8eap/Mobile%20Uploads/20150812_193809-1.jpg [img width=800 height=450]http://i392.photobucket.com/albums/pp8/c8eap/Mobile%20Uploads/20150812_193834.jpg [img width=800 height=450]http://i392.photobucket.com/albums/pp8/c8eap/Mobile%20Uploads/20150812_195124.jpg
  7. Front bumper wasn't sitting straight think the original elderly owner had knocked it out a bit and there is a few light battle scars on the bumper , on the look out for a replacement if anyone can help? but in the mean time took the bumper off i gave the front valance a good t-cut and wax ,note how well the lower front wing came up with the polish , front valance was next with the t-cut and polish then bumper back on and i managed to line it up a lot better, couldnt believe the condition of the bodywork behind the bumper the car is so clean . [img width=800 height=450]http://i392.photobucket.
  8. Cheers for the comments guys got a few improvements planned for it but keeping it totally original .
  9. Bought this today, missed out on buying this before so jumped at the chance to finally own it when the fella decided to sell ,i have followed this car since it first came out on to the market in 2010 it's a genuine unrestored car in mint condition just turned 18000 miles from new ,its as good as i had hoped heres a couple of photos from a little road trip in it tonight hope you guys like. [img width=800 height=450]http://i392.photobucket.com/albums/pp8/c8eap/20150405_180528.jpg [img width=800 height=450]http://i392.photobucket.com/albums/pp8/c8eap/20150405_180456.jpg [img width=800 height=450
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