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  1. A friend of my dad had a black sri saloon (but not sure if was a 130) for years, many years ago now, Must have been 2000/01 when he sold it, wish I had known it was for sale loved it. Was a beauty of a car black was the perfect colour, I was running around in a 1.6 Belmont GL at the time.
  2. Up till about the end of last year Mine was used for delivering pizzas on Saturday nights, but as had another car sitting rarely used I decided to use it instead for awhile. Well I was told use it more or you should think about selling it, so decided to use it lol.
  3. Hey Cavvy don't lose heart you'll get there, Hope you make it to the show. Really looking forward to seeing it. Sadly can't really help much don't know ins and outs of fuel injection systems. Steve my car is never sorn'd, in fact it is my everyday car just now.
  4. Hey Cav's looking good mate got many shows planned this year? Will you be at Errol this year?
  5. Hi guys hows things then? The show is opposite the dead center of Kilmarnock.......... the cemetery lol. In all seriousness it is the school or college, not sure which, campus on Grassyards rd near Kay park. It's the same club as held the show at Dean park, believe they moved it as the show was often cancelled due to weather as held on grass. New venue is all hard standing which is good. I will be there as cavvypogo says, I will have two cars there my Cav and my Avenger like last year. it would be good to meet other members there :).
  6. Jamesieboy

    Sal's Calibra

    Nice one Sal, like it a car I always thought looked smart. Some dodgy people out there but bodging brakes? That's just crazy when you can get the right parts easily and cheap, also it's the safety factor. Although I avoid using them as much as possible, I do like to know they are spot on when I need them. What was that about needing a modern car for reliability?? lol . My Audi A6 my sister and her husband is using will hopfully be the newest car I'll own. As for modern comforts the're ok but nothing beats the rawness of the older cars lol. Hope to get the chance to see the Calibra in the flesh............or should that be "in the metal"???
  7. Hi mate, how you doing? Been meaning to let you know got one of the new bumpers I got from you after the Errol show, fitted on to my Cav looks a lot better now. Used the GM original plastic part with my metal bar. Sticks out at sides a bit at the moment, but looks good and square on the front. How's your car going? It's looking good
  8. Hi chep, its funny but I have the exact same problem with my Cav. The front bumper doesn't sit right on mine, seems squint the driver's side is lower than the passenger side. Your car looks in really good nick mate.
  9. Sadly I won't be able to make it Kenny, one of the clubs I am a member of has a drive it day event already organised down near Newton Stewart. Are you booked in to any shows yet?
  10. Nice Cav mate, there are quite a few members and cars up here. I am also in Glasgow or near enough East Renfrewshire really lol. Hope you enjoy it on here and enjoy the car.
  11. Your not that far from me or cavvypogo then, I am in Newton Mearns myself. Nice to see these cars getting popular in this area again.
  12. Welcome to the site, there are a quite a few of us members around Glasgow, I live on the south side.
  13. Hi there pal, a warm welcome to you. You have came to the best place for help and advice of mk2 Cavs.
  14. I am with you cavvypogo, I am on facebook or at least have a profile there but hardly ever on. So don't worry I'll still be here to keep you company . Sorry JB3GT8 for helping hijack your thread.
  15. Need to try and workout a place to meet up, somewhere easy for all to get to. So far people coming from Paisley, Newton Mearns, East Kilbride and Motherwell hopefully. And a time, evening good for all?
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