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  1. 20210901_194626.thumb.jpg.0c6144c2d5b464a102ba69274755be0f.jpg20210901_194608.thumb.jpg.0754bbb5ed62765b0bbe87590670df5a.jpg20210901_200337.thumb.jpg.4a1ef322e6bf38f1a1ec078b3ed35b35.jpgDecided to go for the Weber conversion after so many positive comments and happy customers. Still to finish job and start it up, I'm looking forward to comparing it with the old varajet!!! Hopefully get it running Sunday evening. I'll write up what I think once it's settled in.


  2. Finally sorted the "sloppy knob" on drivers door. Damn thing kept dropping once unlocked and pull on door handle. Had to climb through boot 3 times to get in coz passenger door lock doesn't work 😆. Tiny spring had dissolved. Found an old cash machine spring from my stash of spares- works a treat, fiddly as hell to fit though. 20210713_194800.thumb.jpg.fd90c068b235b0e77acfdf2e57480bea.jpg20210713_194855.thumb.jpg.5d98cae4e1f7bffa570379a71fe1c81b.jpg20210713_194901.thumb.jpg.b3674f5f349e772f6a048eb1742e2fd2.jpg

  3. One for the new LX massive 😎, I can't remember who I was talking to about optional extras and colours at the weekend, but I pulled these out this evening. Especially like the beautiful sunset 😉😍, I don't think you'd get away with it these days 😎20210707_183214.thumb.jpg.c26935ad252078371b5c0c1c9f9cc6ee.jpg20210707_183539.thumb.jpg.e077e1bf5b7c2064f53cee103a2fde9c.jpg20210707_183329.thumb.jpg.f84bf4b2ddee741c5070018e41f17dac.jpg20210707_183257.thumb.jpg.87c8296372120c8bbe50df0c0df73dc4.jpg

  4. Found earwig floating in kitchen bowl this morning.... its not over yet
  5. Just to add, I was worried about the porta loo set up, having 2 young girls, knowing how quick they get trashed, but was surprised how well they held out!! Not a moan from my two. Probably a good idea to add taps to the map, it wasn't obvious where to get water. Would have loved a live band - hopefully next year. We thought they did a good job overall under the circumstances, just glad it wasn't cancelled!! Thanks again for the great company and welcoming, roll on next year
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