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  1. msowden

    Just joined

    Thank all and L13 no sorry i sold them a long time ago
  2. msowden

    Just joined

    Hello all i have just joined this site but i have owned my mk2 cdi for 4 years now. Some of u mite now it for the face book page. She has came along way in 4 years. I thought i would just say a hello to everyone. The picture is from when i got her to now
  3. Ok sal and thank you ill have a look at it tomorrow
  4. Hiya all as some of u no I have had to Ubley with my 1.8e cavvy. I have converted it to carbs now and my rev counter is not working do I need to wire it up in a different way. I could not tell u if it was working before as the car didn't run lol
  5. Yer Greg it has and I was think of selling her
  6. Mine hasn't go one ever so leccy pump it is
  7. Yer I am Steven715 just a few thing to sort out then get her in for a mot
  8. Cheers ken I will do that and thanks for the link
  9. Hiya ken yer I'm chuffed and yer I'm using the electric pump on the loom just got to change it tomorrow to a tick tick pump as the one on her is over fueling her. Just a few more things to do then put her in for a mot and find a air box for it
  10. Ok mate and yer I do mate
  11. I had no power to the injectors mate so I carb her
  12. All up and running now chap. Thank you all for your help [img width=527 height=376]http://i357.photobucket.com/albums/oo11/blackbitch_02/Mobile%20Uploads/Screenshot_2015-07-20-22-59-03-1_1.png [img width=800 height=450]http://i357.photobucket.com/albums/oo11/blackbitch_02/Mobile%20Uploads/20150906_182034.jpg
  13. Hiya kensascona I tryed bridging the red and black wires but still nothink
  14. Hiya kensascona I have fit a new relay and ill try bridging them wires tomorrow. I'm just wait for a bloke to get back to me about a carb and manifold
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