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  1. looks like a minter, any plans for it
  2. always up for a good old knees up, late November sounds good
  3. Really enjoyed it mate felt like a proper billing this year
  4. Well I had a good time hehehehe Just need to get another piss up sorted
  5. just about ready to roll will be there about 1 tomorrow in 2 cavs hopefully
  6. Its scare me just how soon this is Turbo getting tax'd on the 1st fingers crossed it will make an appearence, oh yer gona try and bring the other shit heap as well
  7. Jonny your my assistant you can wash the lazy peoples cars all dirty cars in the river or under the trees :-*
  8. Are we having some show standards this year or should i just have an area for the dirty ones haha
  9. Your gay am having scampi chips and beans for my tea lol
  10. Rolfy your going to terry escos
  11. Yer me and jonny are sorting shit don't like it then that's just a shame ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  12. might as well pop down with your cutters mate i need a trim ummm beer ;D
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