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  1. Welcome to the site, sorry to hear about your uncle, the Calibre sounds great, I’ve a few Calibre’s myself. If you need any parts let me know,
  2. Welcome to the site, it's funny how they all seem to come out of the woodwork together. There's many members on here willing to help ;)
  3. Tahir

    new here

    Lovely car there
  4. Tahir

    newbie here

    Welcome to the club mate ;D
  5. Tahir

    new here

    Welcome to the site
  6. Welcome to the site, very smart Cavalier you have there
  7. Tahir

    Been a while

    Welcome back mate, it's been a while
  8. Yeah its still around IIRC,Saw it recently for sale but can't think which site it was on. I believe its in Ireland
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