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  1. GreyDJ2

    I'm back

    In some ways Cavalier ownership needs to be seen as an addiction. A decent SRi is probably around £5k.
  2. Its the Gen GM battery tray test tool.
  3. Welcome to the site Kieran. We need 'before' photos John
  4. Good to see you around. From another Cavweb oldie
  5. VBOA meeting this morning announced that the show is still on. Subject to Government guidelines etc.
  6. Sounds a plan. Shouldn't be seized unless the water has gone. I'd take the plugs out and see if it turns by hand, if it does put a battery on and see. You could be pleasantly surprised, the tappets will rattle a bit before the oil gets up properly. Could put a smile on your face, at that mileage the engine/gearbox shouldn't need rebuilding. Are you going to upgrade the front brakes with the 256mm 2.0 Mk3 brakes? Its the best and easiest mod on the car.
  7. Given its mileage and where its been there is a very good chance its in good nick underneath. I'm with Greg on this, before you start restoring it get it going and put it through an MoT test. If you let you daughter do much of the work, firing it up and passing the test will give her a huge boost at the start of the project. Rather than just facing an endless stream of jobs with no idea of what will be the end result. She will then experience the Cavalier happiness bubble that it generates in most people who see one on the road.
  8. Welcome to our very long term home You look to be a real Vauxhall enthusiast. Good luck.
  9. Welcome to the Club, good to see another Ascona, especially a 2 door with an XE. Do you need a pair of UK spec headlights?
  10. Just had an update from VBOA. Working on the basis that we hope to be getting back to normal by then, VBOA are are going back to Sywell Aerodrome for the VBOA Rally on the 2nd to the 4th July.. They have listened and learnt lots from the 2019 event and plan to build from that to deliver another show that we as an association and community can be proud of! Details of activities/vendors etc will updated as and when we secure them. All camping, hotel, day and other tickets that were carried over from this year are valid. Hotel rooms at the Aviator hotel onsite will be a f
  11. GreyDJ2

    New member

    What is happening? Two new owners from Australia in a couple of months, but you are a long way apart! Welcome to the site, nice looking car that seems to have handled your climate rather well.
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