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  1. GreyDJ2

    New member

    What is happening? Two new owners from Australia in a couple of months, but you are a long way apart! Welcome to the site, nice looking car that seems to have handled your climate rather well.
  2. GreyDJ2

    Hello again

    Pretty well thanks, got a couple of cancers but they seem to be slow, hopefully I will die with not of them. Down to just one Mk2, a Mk3 CDi and my old Mk3 SRi. Sold my original red Calibra last year so just the three Vauxhalls. Oh plus the Mk2 Jag still not moved from its lair and my daily S3 saloon. Decent Cavs seem to have shot up in value over the past couple of years. Perhaps the onslaught of unemployment hitting us now and the near future will have an impact. Now may well turn out to be a very good time to sell at what may be peak prices. A bit like the classic car market in th
  3. GreyDJ2

    Hello again

    Hi Abo Good to hear from you again. Hope you are well. John
  4. You can swap the front seats, but not the runners, over if you want to extend seat life. This way you can even up the wear but the runners/seatbelt fixings are specific to side. If you do this there is a sneaky plastic rivit in the middle of the plastic side panel, just pop it and make sure you keep it for reassembly.
  5. GreyDJ2


    Vauxhall Bedford Opel Association annual show. Used to be at Billing but is now the other (your) side of Northampton at Sywell airfield. I would think we'll get 20 Mk2s there next year.
  6. GreyDJ2


    Tell me what happens. We need your car on our stand at VBOA in July next year
  7. GreyDJ2


    That looks really nice. You put a lot of work into it. You clearly know what you are doing. Is the red cable across the back for audio system? How did you find us?
  8. GreyDJ2


    Smart install from the photo. Did you do it? Why off the road for so long? My questions were after info as to whether it could be a vacuum build up in the tank restricting fuel supply when used for a while. Or when starting, if the pressure in the petrol header manifold had dropped and needed some pump action to get it up before it would fire. I have an XE'd Mk3.
  9. GreyDJ2


    Have you tried running it with the petrol cap off, to check the tank breather is clear? On starting, do you turn it on, wait a mo, then start or go for it straight off?
  10. GreyDJ2


    Fuel filter?
  11. GreyDJ2


    Welcome to the site. Its a bit slow around here. Where are you and how about a few more pictures? Good looking car. Fault sounds heat related, something expanding and letting air in. Are the vacuum hoses solid and the inlet manifold OK? No air leak between the AFM and the throttle body?
  12. GreyDJ2

    New guy

    Heated seat. Under the rotary light switch there are two switches plus a blanking plate. That unused position is for the heated seat switch. I have it fitted and used for another purpose, it needs a relay.
  13. GreyDJ2

    New guy

    Injection cars have two 8mm fuel pipes, flow and return, as the whole system is pressurised. Use modern plastic pipe.There is a 14mm flexi feed pipe from tank to pump. But, if I was you I would be putting in a late Vectra A tank with internal pump. Much simpler pipework and should be easier to find but must be a 2.0 pump not 1.8. Needs an access hole in the floorpan under the rear seat (round plastic cover needed too) and a pump electrical connector there. If you are going to use E10 petrol seal the inside of the tank before it goes in and use E10 safe pipework (no steel). Anoth
  14. GreyDJ2

    New guy

    Yes, 20SEH is the GM name for the engine, it is in the SRi 130 here, as well as early Vectra A/Astra etc so it was fairly common. The 115bhp version is the 20NE or 18SE. If you plan on fitting the injection engine as phase 2 make sure you plumb in two fuel lines from the start. Oh, and fit the front brakes from a 2.0 Vectra A as well.
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