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  1. Lovely car 👌🏻 The amount of cars I regret selling keeps me awake at night 😩 Iv put them up for sale unfortunately mate , if you are interested send me a DM with ur number and il what’sapp you pictures
  2. Ok mate il get a list together and get them posted, thanks
  3. I’m looking for info on where to find panels for my mk2 saloon if anyone can point me in the right direction please, thanks
  4. Dazbo

    Sri130 saloon

    That’s the best two pics 😀 it’s mechanically good and everything is there to make it right , will defo need to source panels as there’s a fair bit of rot
  5. Dazbo

    Sri130 saloon

    Hi guys I joined the site a while ago but just getting going now , after a long search Iv finally found a sri130 saloon and fulfilled a life long ambition, she’s rough but complete and I will require a bit of help along the way to get her to where I want ps I’m based in Scotland
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