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  1. Hoping this is the right place to post but being a technophobe I'm not sure, but anyway I've booked for the saturday for my wife myself and my car, plus show plaque..
  2. Im lookingfor day entry on saturday for my wife myself and my car, which category do I book through please.
  3. Ok Greg, will do where do I find it?
  4. I'm gonna take the dash out tomorrow and then I'm gonna take a video of the state of it all after I've removed the wings, if I can attach it on here I will do so you can all see thecondition of the car now. I'm really considering breaking it now because every job I try and do ends up to have been attempted already , half the wiring was disconnected behind the dash and some of the nuts were missing, once the soundproofing comes out I'll nook at the state of the bulkhead if it's rusted it's game over.
  5. Ouch not nice having a trapped nerve hope you feel better soon greg, have decided not to get the ascona , am now not in a position to do the work on it and the cav.
  6. Yeah its gold, but lost the original post so can't find the pics, it's down Romford way somewhere, have just been informed that it might have been damaged on front before , the rear offside wheel arch has completely disappeared and the inner looks rough.
  7. HELP!! Need a bit of grounding , I've got the chance of buying an opel ascona y reg, do I buy it and breaking for spares or do I buy it and do it up or is it to much to take on while I'm doing the lx , any advice would be greatly appreciated. ..
  8. Not givingup no way, yeah paid membership up about 2 month back so hope to see some faces to put to names on Saturday.
  9. Spent two days cleaning out scuttle and drain plugs searching for my leak, think I've found it coming in through the brake pedal at the back of the servo , so I think that's gotta come out to reseal it.
  10. Best laid plans and all that, what with one thing and another I've not had time to look at my car, to say I'm not happy is an understatement, I've ordered parts for it which didn't turn up when expected, been unwell , and rain put a stop to it as well, it's my wife's birthday tomorrow and I'm spending time with her, so fingers crossed for good weather on Saturday and the parts to actually do some work on it.
  11. Gotta strip the dash out to find a leak, hope it's not the screen. Pics to follow...
  12. I've got a week off work soon and I'm gonna be spending the time on my car getting some jobs done at last..
  13. I' in the same boat chris m. Looks to be a good size , I've never been to one so hoping to have a good time and hopefully get a few bits ..
  14. Thanks I'll have to have a look see if I can get them to sit properly. .
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