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  1. Officially my Ascona not gonna make it I hope to pop up and see you cars, there will some visitors parking?
  2. Still on Trade plates, and waiting for V5, hopefully I can bring her to meeting.
  3. I'm still waiting for V5 Hopefully will be soon
  4. I'm happy to show my Ascona just waiting for DVLA, when is last day to buy Tickets, or I can take on Lorry but how then I can buy tickets? Sorry for this question if they stupid but this will be my first VBOA meeting.
  5. Today was time to do some work, driver door is now opening, as they was stuck. Few parts ordered.
  6. Hi all My Ascona just arrived to UK. It's not running yet, needs lots of love. Hopefully will soon back on road. Sorry for bad pictures but was done at 2am.
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