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  1. I'll see if I still have the drawing and measurements if they are any good to you? Took ages to draw one up.
  2. Yes originals were like a bag of crisps, literally swept them up. Took measurements and a drawing to a fabrication shop and they made them up.
  3. Thanks yeah been a lurker for a couple of years.
  4. Not really been in here much so far! Anyways a few of you will know my car off other groups. We are doing a june 82 ascona sr hatch, 16sh carb car. Been on quite a journey it has really including being off the road since 1994. So on the road 12 years, off it coming up to 27. I've had it 3 years (I think) Stripped it and made the decision to do it right from the bottom up. Many original panels been sourced, no mean feat as a lot of you know, had to have some made from scratch like the inner sills. A lot of thought gone into improvement mods in problem areas to make sure it doesn't do it again - bulkhead, clutch pedal area, a post splits the list goes on. Well it's getting there now so what will it end up looking like? Carnelian and anthracite again as original, sand highland check but a bit of an oddball from the factory having black seatbelts, ctr console, window winders, lock buttons, sill trims but with sand door trims and a brown dash. Very early cars in opel format were like this apparently. Standard wheels, front mid spec spoiler, hella fogs, and some nos opel mudflaps. It's still got it's original steering wheel, opel badged seatbelts (inc rear) and headlamp wash. The thing will stand me at a fortune done, but is there another? Not in the uk that we know of. received_155207402278138.mp4 received_324516725498199.mp4
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