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  1. Stew


    Hi Chris, I think i’ll do the front wings at some point so will be in touch once the welder has given it a once over. I don't suppose you have a spare standard small-badge front grille knocking about? Not sure if I like the fog lights or not!
  2. Stew


    Yeah! The guy who sold it was a top bloke and was very sad to see it go. Needs new rear arches and some of the sill repairing but that’s it.... hopefully!
  3. Stew


    Oooh blimey, I’ve just looked at the prices for new centre caps! Know anyone who wants to sell me a spare set?! Yeah it’s in pretty good nick, only done (a fully documented) 48k miles from new. Got every single MOT certificate, tax disc and service sheet too
  4. Stew


    Hi everyone, So bit of a boring story but I learnt to drive years ago in my Dad’s ancient Sri which we scrapped many years ago, it’s been eating away at me for the last 20 years that it should’ve been rescued rather than driven to the dump. So.... i’ve spent the last year trying to track down a decent example to restore, keep and treasure in homage to my fossilised old Cav. i’m happy to say that I have now found one and would love to become part of this group. Here’s some pics, it’s currently being given a total renovation and mechanical overhaul so more pics to follow. I l
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