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  1. Keep us up to date on the progress. These things will no doubt affect most of us at some point as they get older. May need to consult him over high tickover. Mine was running rich at MoT and garage trimmed it to pass. Unfortunately since then she will generally tickover abut 1200/1300.
  2. Is she running better now? I replaced a couple of fuel pipes as they were also perished - it's an age thing and I know how they feel lol. I thought my early running problems were down to fuel possibly blocking in fuel filter as it was somewhat sporadic. Turned out it was the central HT lead was seating properly so didn't always make a proper connection. with rubber hoods in place it all felt tight enough - doh! Spent ages changing filter and flushing cleaners through. Think it misled me because when I ran the fuel cleaners through it ran great. Good luck with it. I've been out enjoying the sun
  3. Car looks really good. Look forward to seeing it in the flesh. TBH my green eyed devil was really looking at the trailer in the first pic. I've been eyeing a 2.5V6 Vectra B CDX Estate in Norwich. My trailer is fine for Neve the Nova but the Vectra would be a tight squeeze. Had a Corsa D on her last week. Ended up had to drive her up and over the wheels and mudguards to load. Made me have a look online at dimensions. To my surprise a Corsa D is about 20mm wider than a Vectra B. Shows how models outgrow themselves.
  4. Thanks mate. Pretty original which is good. Hope to keep her that way. Lot of Waxoyl about
  5. Prices do bounce about a bit but hopefully by the time they hit 40 and are free tax they will only go up. Depends entirley on condition - the same as saloons, hatches and estates in general. I bought Tabby the Cabby Spring/Summer 2019. She had been parked up in a garage in Liverpool for about 15 years when rescued by the guy I bought her from. He did a light refurbishment (more a refreshment and good service inc timing belt and water pump) to get her on the road and used her for 2 years. Body wise she is solid and pretty original with only two minor patches in the boot. Arches, sills, turrets
  6. Chats often go off topic. Was fairly sure it would be boot carpet. Good luck with that. Let me know how it goes and will follow your lead. Worst case scenario it is a simple stiffer carpet that can be replicated.
  7. As I recall my old ones had similar aroma. Never helped with low usage either. Once damp smell is into material (boot carpet) can be hard to get rid of. 'Its probably too big and rigid for the washing machine (lol) but a good scrub/shampoo should help. Has to be worth trying to get rid of....the smell not the car
  8. One quick spray of Fabreeze has made a difference- not perfect but much improved. I'll shampoo carpets and leave out to dry well in the air. Leave boot open for a long time to air through.wont let it spoil the car for me though!. Love driving it. Evening run to Southwold with the roof down- 18yr old daughter wanted to come for the ride so car must have some kudos lol. Drives well - comfortable - and she is so much fun. I absolutely love her - the car that is lol.
  9. Nice looking car. Looks a different shade in every pick which is a good sign for a metallic. Presume boot leaks in these is typical. My car is very dry but does have a damp smell plus someone at some point has adapted a drainage system - pain I the rear ss their solution is a series of 10mm holes drilled in floor grrr. Re anthracite - to my knowledge and period memory only the SRi used anthracite on the lower panels. I could get very banal as the inch or so above the bump strip from the factory should be tape not paint - 81/82 models (1.6 engined SR) used a matt black/anthracite tape ho
  10. Lowestoft. Pass Newark regularly as I head north - family are in Glasgow. Seen the show ground there and reckoned the auto jumble there would be good. Big one within about 2.5 hrs drive.
  11. Cheers buddy. What colour is yours? Hoping to see another up close to set my mind straight over a few bits and pieces. Now know slam panel, boot interior and screen surround were all painted black. Presume latter two by conversion company after xhopping the roof and boxing interior fir roof frame to slip into. Looking forward to a few shows and rummaging at autojumbles. Will watch for the big one they have at Newark and maybe take a weekend to Bealieu - now that us big and has all sorts of hidden gems. Good luck with yours.
  12. Agreed probably too much work for no great gain on the rears. As I am unlikely to try and go concourse then sensible mods are good but stay within reason. Thanks for welcome.
  13. Washing seats only really goes once as there is a cardboard edge about 3/4 inch wide sewn to bottom edge of seat base that will take one wash. Never chanced a second - unless handy with a sewing machine to replace the cardboard edge. Have had amazing results. Just be more difficult to do recaro style as they ate tucked in at the bolsters. Just take time while doing them should work fine. Other awkward bits are removing plastic bits from seat backs namely the surround for the lever to move back forward to let folk into back - other is removing the plastic inserts for the headrests as they go in
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