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  1. Paulmk2


    Will do mate cheers.
  2. Paulmk2


    I removed the bumpers as they had been back to blacked even though they where grey jet washed them and used the old heat gun and bumper gel trick. The pic gives you an idea of the arch bodge.
  3. Paulmk2


    Got the car back from the bodyshop now its had 2 rear arches, sills painted and the front apron fitted. Looks the part now iv also fitted front link arms and a wheel bearing, the rear arch had a copper pipe banged in it as a repair!!
  4. Hi mate welcome i'm from Mansfield too Cav mk2's are rare here iv only seen a black hatch knocking about. Iv just got mine on the road.
  5. Paulmk2


    It's unique to the 84 and 85 CD models its the first one iv seen to be fair.
  6. Paulmk2


    Had a quick drive up the road today all seems good MOT next
  7. Paulmk2


    Cheers for that the only scrap yard that I know of which has a lot of old school stuff is Albert Looms in Derby he's the last of the proper scrap yards. going to buff up the other side today and finish cleaning up.
  8. Paulmk2


    Nice one iv just had a look in my manual now and can see the picture its about the only thing missing from the car the owner took them out and cant remember where he put them. I feel a need to start hitting the scrap yards again lol.
  9. Paulmk2


    Has anyone got a photo of the tools that go into the foam case round the spare wheel thanks in advance
  10. Paulmk2


    Getting there slowly engine side now sorted new timing belt, dizzy, plugs, leads, fuel filter, oil change and air filter. Then sorted out brakes all seized solid so new front discs, pads and flexi pipes plus a full strip down and re build of the calipers new rear cylinders, shoes and fitting kit and to top it all off new brake master cylinder too the fluid was almost black in colour. Also changed most of the fuel pipes too as they were all leaking the cost of being sat over a decade lol. Repaired a **** load of wiring too but now every button now works as it should and also a full wet vac
  11. Paulmk2


    Im from Mansfield Notts mate
  12. Paulmk2


    Il let you know on the bulb holder mate thanks.
  13. Paulmk2


    Hi chris iv now got it running and got nearly all the electrics working just need to work on the brakes now as there seized up but should free off. im going to get an MOT on it and run it as iv always wanted one. I need to fit the lower front spoiler on and and paint it and will paint the rear valance and give the rear arches some attention as there is bit of corrosion as you can see on the pictures. The old guy I got it off bought it new and sprayed oil all over the underneath before parking it up, it looks **** but has saved it to be fair.
  14. Paulmk2


    Hi just joined thought id say hi. Iv just bought a one owner 1985 Cav CDi its been in a garage nearly 14yrs but should soon be on the road. always wanted a mk2 again
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