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  1. Lee

    New guy

    Yes me and another mate who has a calibre got one each still in the plastic bags . They weren't cheap but had to be bought
  2. Lee

    New guy

    Yea totally standard ive got a set of foglights and covers from greece an a friend has a new original irmy exhaust for it .glad i got them parts
  3. Lee

    New guy

    Yea totally standard an original except the fog lights they have been changed at a time but ive got an original set with covers for it . Exhaust has been changed to a straight through with replica tip on it thankfully everything else is the way it should be
  4. Lee

    New guy

    Thanks paul ,it is presentable but planning on keeping this one a long time ,it was painted an dickeyed up few years ago . Arches are bubbley so ive two gm quater panels an two c pillars to keep the over lap on arches original looking . Ive a new rear panel as its not good and boot floor an pockets been welded before but its not that tidy . Lots to do but as usual most of it will be welding
  5. Lee

    New guy

    http:// Hi new to the site and mk2s ,ive 3 mk3s 2 gsi and a diesel gsi rep . Ive just bought a calibre over the Christmas holidays its presentable but needs alot of work
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