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  1. Will give you a call tomorrow evening
  2. Hi am out and about. Switched voice mail off.. save folk leaving messages.. be home around 10.30pm of your still up?
  3. Yeah I spoke with them on the phone yesterday evening... sounds like they have loved the car. commander is always worth saving... think only 2 left on the road..
  4. Am on it.... or you gona need to share some of your fleet!!
  5. Yeah have sent you a pm on here
  6. Folk up this way are lazy also.... no one is interested is welding anything. Will PM you
  7. Thanks for the reply. What work is required that it has been marked as terminal? Are you still driving it? Am pretty handy with a welder and looking to get another cav ASAP.. got a few things on for cav 40th birthday in September. Thanks
  8. @Jackie Sanders what are you doing with the commander?
  9. Someone will have a firestick I can sort the iptv out... Will just need to hot spot the stick from your phone..
  10. Take a firestick with some iptv on it
  11. Guys have a great weekend.. hope the weather holds out.. am truly gutted that am not attending.
  12. @Greg no doubt I will need some bits and bobs when I get a replacement for the bruise
  13. Hi Greg.. eibach if I remember correctly.... would rather swap them for bits than sell them to club members....
  14. I found a set of clears on the Bay... got them for £18.... I got a set of -50mm pigtail springs for sale
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