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  1. Welcome, nice clean looking car
  2. Aye mate my bad boy is out of hibernation.. and ready to go. there is a cav 40th birthday thing in September.. think it's going to be a run coast to coast starting in the east.
  3. Am in Scotland's Rivera... East Lothian
  4. Welcome... another Scottish member.. where are you?
  5. I think that is actually the gm winter hibernation parking brake...
  6. mfcav

    Hi all

    Update... Astra sri clocks fitted, found sri 130 front valance in my shed, 50mm lowering springs in the post..... may of sourced a red top... unfortunately it comes with a free corsa b!!
  7. mfcav

    Hi all

    Haha nah the name eithel was left with the previous owner!! Spent all week undoing his not so handy work
  8. mfcav

    Hi all

    Forgot to add a picture.
  9. mfcav

    Hi all

    Hi I have just come over this gem of a site. I have had all kinds of Cavaliers over the years but have 20 years off!! my heart is with the mk2. Thought it was about time to get back in the game. Just bought a 1985 on a b plate.
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