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  1. Dazza88


    Thank you mate
  2. Dazza88


    Hi newbody thank you for the information:-) I'll be careful with the tank then. I went there today to attempt to move it the landy had no problem dragging it back but were the car is theres very little room to get it all the way out aswell as with the landy just too many cars about in the way so I'm going to book a day off work and have ago during the week, I was thinking I'll pull it out maybe enough room to jack the rear wheels off and tap them probably is there anything else I can do to try and free them as have wasted another weekend :-(. On a good note underneath is really good and clean also engine oil still on max line and turns over by hand once it runs will change all fluids, smelt the fuel in tank it still smells very normal with a nice petrol smell still, so am thinking maybe leave it in to try and get it running it still splish splashing about in tank also...
  3. Dazza88


    Just need to get it out of the garage then can take it to my garage to put on ramp and start playing Haha, also need to sort me trailer out as carnt be towed being an auto it's only got to go about 2 miles up the road aswell haha.. if anyone is close to Bedfordshire and could help or give e an idea were to start would much appreciate it, I will use landy power on sunday on it to see if that helps. thanks again Andy
  4. Dazza88


    Aaahhhh bugger, nothing is ever simple haha.. theres not a great deal of fuel in there when I shake the car I can still here it slush about, would I get away with a 25l can of v-power fuel to over ride the old fuel just to get it up and running. Thank you Andy .. will message him as soon as I get back from work as signal not good.. will try and get a clip of pulling it out of the garage once I've figured out how to un sieze the breaks hahaha I'm hoping just a gentle pull with the landy will sort that bit.. will give it a wash and get better pics
  5. Dazza88


    Aaaahhh brilliant, is there a way of getting hold of him on here is there a private message or shall I just do a topic..
  6. Dazza88


    Oohhh yess definitely, I carnt really say I've seen many about. Well not in Bedfordshire any way... does anyone know if these have drain plugs in fuel tank by any chance..
  7. Dazza88


    Hello paul, thanks for reply.. it is an estate just trying to sort on removal from the garage so can clean and see what it needs... but I do have some more pics I'll try and upload..
  8. Dazza88


    Hi all. I'm a newbie here from Bedfordshire. I've just picked up a 1 owner from new with 27000 miles on with history upto 2006 were it has been garaged for the last 13 years.. I'm hoping to get it started in the next few weeks it's in great condition inside is mint... it's an auto aswell. But breaks are seized on so trying to move it but nicely.. also could be for sale how it is if anyone is interested:-)
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