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  1. Strider

    New guy

    Thanks for the schematics. I'll see what is up, there is a simple sliding switch on the drivers door, it does actuate all the other actuators, but from the schematics, M1 and M2 contacts are supposed to be switchable + and - for the motors themselves... and it ends up beneath my seat for some reason. The central locking works, always has. I had a spot of bad luck, there was a significant flood in my area, house and the yard were flooded and the car bit it too (a crapton of dirt is now inside the shell), so checking on the unholy wiring will have to wait a bit.
  2. Strider

    New guy

    OK, so, thanks for the help, but it appears an entirely different witchcraft is at hand here. By default, the heated seats switch is located on the right of the dash, past the 4-way indicators, it would seem. The position you mentioned holds rear and front foglight switches in my car. My apologies for reversed image, phone buggered off. Note that at this position, while the plate was hidden by a coverplate, it was there from factory, and one symbol plate for all 3 switches here. There was no switch installed. Now, for real headscratcher - I have traced the connector unde
  3. Strider

    New guy

    I will get the membership and get a project thread going soon, thanks for kind welcome. Meanwhile, does anyone have any idea what's the 2 pin connector under the driver seat for? Round pins, was not connected, black/red stripe wire and one black/white stripe. I'm gonna assume it's for the seat heater, but a quick check didn't reveal what's it connected to in the fusebox.
  4. Strider

    New guy

    Thanks, found it ! I saw somewhere on a local forum that a guy had to run a new wire, turns out it was wired in already in mine. Since the harness is out, I'd like to do all the wires beforehand before wrapping it all up. Does anyone know which electric window mechanisms fit the Cav/Ascona ? I know that there were versions (CD for Ascona) that came with factory power windows, but those are damn near impossible to find near me. I'd think that something from a Vectra A fits. If so, how many wires to run to front doors and how many to switches - I'd install them near the gearshift, roughly i
  5. Strider

    New guy

    @GreyDJ2 What do you mean 2 fuel lines? The car currently has 2, one bigger, intake, and one smaller, return line. They are obviously gonna be replaced, but do I need some additional lines for the new fuel pump ? Brakes are going to be replaced, front with bigger disks, thanks for the tip that Vectra A disks fit, and rear is gonna get Vectra A disks as well, with the car full it just doesn't stop as well as it should. @andy Thanks for the kind welcome, I'm certainly gonna need a few parts as well as vast experience around here. On a side note, I'm about to go and inspect the wiring
  6. Strider

    New guy

    It's a very sizeable one, and I have days when I look at it and ask "how much work would it take to load it onto trailer and take it to scrapyard". I do always spring back, since the bodywork is in quite good shape except the rust hotspots. The model is LS, or lower equipment trim, and there is quite a bit of stuff I'm planning to add (heated seats, heated mirrors, etc, and later on there is a plan for getting a 20SEH in it (not sure if the engine name is the same for Vauxhalls too, it's the SRi one there, GT with Ascona), or if I'm unable to find that (or it gets prohibitively expensive), 1.8
  7. Strider

    New guy

    Hello, after a long hiatus I'm gonna get some images as I promised. At least of what's left of the car The paint is faded, I do believe it can be compound polished and recoated with some clear to return the shine, however... Some panels are like this, obviously repainted at some point, and what exactly got this finish, I have no idea, too thick of a coat, too fast drying, whatever, it's atrocious. All of it will be stripped and as a bonus I can change the color. As soon as the patching is done, I can start on sanding and I expect to finish around October of 2022. Ma
  8. Strider

    New guy

    Offtopic slightly, but can anyone give me some pointers to posting a topic for my car in the garage ? I have tried it all, and it just doesn't work, it doesn't make a post. Thanks in advance
  9. Strider

    New guy

    I'll be sure to snap a few photos for the garage tomorrow, although be warned, there is not much left of a car currently. Some exterior has been removed, and interior is almost completely empty, down to bare metal. Eventually the engine and the suspension whole are going to be removed in preparation for repainting. Only thing I have taken a picture off so far are the faults, and the eerily empty interior.Thank you for the kind welcome !
  10. Strider

    New guy

    First of all, I want to express my unimaginable happiness for stumbling upon this forum. Cavalier mk2, or Opel Ascona, the brand I have are seriously underappreciated cars, and as such I'm having real difficulties finding resources to work. I look forward to using this forum, learning from it and sharing what I can. So, my name is Marko, I'm from Serbia, and I have a 1987 Opel Ascona sedan. The engine is the type that went into Corsa/Nova, the 1.3 S, available on Ascona only in some markets... underpowered slightly, but that's in the books for the future. Car itself is decently good, floo
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