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  1. Hi , same here, I’ve let so many cars slip through my fingers it’s unreal, wish I could have the time again knowing what I know now 😩 drop me some pictures of the car, is it still for sale? 07703.191664, thanks Lee
  2. Wow! Wish I’d have kept mine, yours looks nice, sure you don’t want to sell 🤔😁, if you ever see one give me a shout, I’m happy to pay a finders fee too, I also had a mk2 Sri saloon 1985..Before the 130 in Barret brown, a great car with every extra Vauxhall did.. I was 21 at the time. Wish I still had them both 😩
  3. Hi all... don’t suppose any one knows of a cav sri130 saloon for sale anywhere? A nice one would be a dream come true 😁
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