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    That's weird - mine was registered with no problems and doesn't have any of the above. It went through the inspection place back in 2015ish I think. I've put some more details up here if you're interested: https://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/216046/1984-vauxhall-cavalier-sri-australia It's a 1.8 but has been converted from an auto with a Daewoo box that's a bit low-geared for my liking. Am on the lookout for a wide-ratio replacement. The guy I bought it from here in Adelaide has an SRi sedan, there's also a diesel wagon here in SA too. I think there's at least one more Cav in N
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    G'day Ron, I'm the other Aussie owner mentioned above. I've recently picked up an '85 SRi down here in Adelaide. Needs a bit of paint and a few trim pieces but she's otherwise sound. Yours looks great!
  3. Thought I should really update this thread to add that I ended up buying the car which is sitting in my garage as we speak. It's a white 1984 SRi, imported at some time in the late 80s and according to the service documentation that came with the car it was originally a fleer car for York Borg-Warner Ltd in Basildon, UK registration B41 AEW. That's still showing on the DVLA database as being due for tax on 1 May 1988 so I guess that gives a pretty good indication of when it came down under. It's been around the houses a bit - it's definitely been in Queensland for some time before th
  4. Can the dashboards be retrimmed? They look quite a complex shape but I've only ever had experience with getting flat dash pads retrimmed.
  5. I live in sunny Australia having moved from the UK about 10 years ago. My first car was a mk2 Astra back in 1997 and I've always kept a lookout for anything Griffin-badged which might have made its way down under. After nearly a decade a 1984 Cavalier SRi has turned up on my radar which I'm going to have a cheeky look at over the weekend. I can't imagine there will be more than a very small handful of Cavaliers in the country, possibly single figures. Can anyone offer any pointers as to what to look for when inspecting the car? We are in a dry climate but I don't at this stage know how mu
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