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    mk2 cavalier calibre

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  1. I wasn't aware of the front brake conversion from the mk3 thanks for the heads up on that i will look into that. but im definitely going to be doing the rear disc conversion. I m expecting the worst as its been laid up for so long but any nice surprises will be a welcomed bonus
  2. Hi GreyDJ2 The plan is engine gearbox suspension etc all out and a full overhaul, so it becomes a runner then a full detail of the body work to see what needs doing from what i could see their was some deep scratches on the roof where items have been dragged on and off. im expecting the engine and water pump to be seized as its not been turned over since 1996. thanks for the advice
  3. Hi Greg, sorry for the late reply been mega busy with kids, work, home schooling. just finishing of an old K reg 1992 Silver Peugeot 106 XSI restoration and repaint for my mate. Just the glass and interior trim to go in. then the cav is being brought to my house to do a full restoration. Im doing it with my teenage daughter as she was a quarter of the way thorough airplane build project with school and our local RAF museum when this covid pandemic started. And she really wants to learn all about engineering, mechanics, etc so its going to be a slow process but we will be documenting the whole process from start to finish
  4. Hi Neil thanks for the reply. It’s good to know their is a few others restoring cavalier’s out their .I think I’m going to need a bit of help on this one. I’m going to take a few pics tomorrow of the old girl. she is in a right mess cosmetically looks like house hold paint was spilt over the boot lid and rear quarter but seems solid from what I could see, but I’m expecting a few surprises along the way. As for COVID it’s been a pain in the arse can’t wait to see the back of it but some things our out of our control. Yes definitely isolate and keep safe
  5. Hi all thanks for letting me join up as I’m going to be restoring my cavalier calibre in early spring next year. It’s not seen the light of day since 1996 and in a sorry state. It’s only covered 43k from new and has only been a one owner car my uncle who sadly passed away early this year. as far as I can see it has little to no rust. I will upload some pictures ASAP
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