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    Mk2 cav, 2x mk3 cav, mk1 nova, mk3 gsi astra etc.....
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    Mk2 cav, mk3 btcc cav, mk1 nova

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  1. Never short of stuff to do but getting time to do it is the thing, just not enough hours in the day an little holidays also
  2. I’ll try get some pictures of each when I quit work for Xmas........ on Xmas eve
  3. Enthusiast? Not sure about that gluten for punishment yea that’s me currently have 1986 mk2 cavalier gl 1.6 1993 mk3 cavalier 1.7td gsi rep 1994 mk3 cavalier 2.5v6 btcc project 1997 mk3 astra phase 2 gsi ( b204 project ) 1989 mk1 nova ( 2ltr 16v project ) 1997 corsa b ( bought for engine for the nova ) Then other non Vauxhall’s
  4. Hey all new guy from n.ireland recently bought a 1600 gl mk2 saloon working on fitting a calibre kit, momo arrows and a v6 engine hoping to get to billing when it's next on along with my mk3 gsi astra project, btcc cavaliers project and my Nova project
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