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  1. hi guy i have the cavalier cabby back and running sweet issues were as follows parts replaced leads+plugs+distributor cap+arm and air flow meter work carried out at the garage throttle bodie linkage set up had been altered by previous owner air flow meter was knackered new one set up distributor cap had a hair line crack coil lead was weak so there was a number of issues no wonder it was running rough hopefully will give it a run out on Sunday.
  2. hi guys the cav cabby is in at a local tuning garage since last Monday i just could not get to bottom of the running issue slight miss/splutter under 2 rpm plus high tick over. sid from the garage ran me today and has sorted the tick over but he has not got to the bottom of the miss/splutter he suspects its the airflow meter so bought 1 from the Netherlands should be here sometime at the end of the month.
  3. hi guys just a up date i managed to take sometime off work this week and get some work done on the cabby i replaced most of the rubber petrol pipes as thy were perished, new radiator fitted cleaned and under sealed the floor also patched and water proofed the hood. taxed and insured today on its first run to the petrol station not running great got back home and found the air intake pipe between airbox and inlet manifold had a split in it have temporally repaired it went for a test drive and drove a lot better, had a look for a replacement but unable to locate 1 anybody know were i can get a air intake pipe from. tomorrow i will give it a deep clean and polish ready to use.
  4. your cavalier cabby looks very nice thanks for the advice similar story with my cabby sat for about 5-6 years previous owner bought it done enough to get it road worthy tyres+brakes+cambelt+service and mot'd it, then he lost interest when it would not start. i am looking forward to going out in it in summer if covid restriction will allow.
  5. just plan to get it useable for the summer its running ok but not 100% right the radiator needs replacing the roof is not the best just going to patch it to try and get it water tight but will need replacing at some point and then it will need a good clean inside and out. got to get the wife to drive it a few times and see how she gets on with it as she will be using it more than me if she likes it then i will spend a few quid on it ie new roof. i bought a mk2 golf gti a few years ago spent a small fortune and put many hours into doing it up then gave it to the wife she drove it about 3 times and tuck a dislike to it and would not drive it so sold it and just about got my money back so this time i will get her to drive the cavalier before i put time and money into the cavalier. what do you guys think the value of the cavalier is before i bought it had look around to see what thy were fetching and could not find 1 for sale anywhere.
  6. managed to get some pic's of the cavalier cabby today posted above not had chance to do any further work as yet to busy and its been to cold.
  7. no pic's as yet will try and sort some out soon its in my unit on the ramp up in the air with motorbikes underneath it at the moment.
  8. hi guy just thought i would introduce myself as i have just joined your forum i have owned a few Vauxhalls over the years since late 80's some cav mk2's sri/cdi/sr over recent years been into motorbikes 70's 80's 2 strokes mainly. had a call of a mate last week and was offered out the blue a cavalier cabby 1987 d reg 1.8e 109000 miles mot'd none runner so bought it i have got it up and running (temp sensor plug was broken over fueling still running a bit high on tickover tho) as i have not worked on any cav mk2's for years i thought i would join your forum for future advice and parts sourcing. cheers simon
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