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  1. Thanks for the comment. The car is now at my sister house, yesterday she started up and is running really well. My father was a mechanic and clearly he has done some good work on it. The carb is really clean and by the video my sister showed me, he surely has clean and set the carb up. The only rust she has is on the floor, driver side. It is going to be a slow process for me due to the money situation as the COVID has took 50% of my earnings last year. So far this year I couldn't work. But hopefully there will be some progress in the near future. Thanks again.
  2. She is on her way to my sister house to be in the garage till we can get something done and start working on it. I will keep you guys posted on this. It may take a while for some development. But would be great if you guys could give suggestions on a racing suspension (shockabsorbers, bushes and springs) and breaks I could do.
  3. Great forum and facebook page. I start following the facebook page too. I will see how everything will develp and keep you guys posted. My dream it will be to drive the car at Interlagos track on a track day. My father was passionate about motorsport. So when this happens I will take pictures and videos to post here. It may take a while but I will be working on it. Once again Thank you
  4. Hi, I came across to this forum as I was searching about the Cavalier MK2, and the reason for me to do this search is because my father die yesterday in Brazil and he left a Cavalier MK2 for me and my sister. As I live in UK I thought I should join you guys and perhaps some of you could help me on find parts or even what could be done in the car to make it a bit more exciting. It is very early time to what I am going to do with the car. But It was a car that my father loves and I really would like to make it run well and have a bit of fun when I am visiting my sister in Brazil. Let
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