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  1. Hi Andy , this is amazing. Send me pictures of your Monza. I'm bringing some pieces from Brazil, by DHL. But it really is very difficult to find sellers who ship. The country has a lot of bureaucracy and the costs are absurd. Tell me what you need and I can try to help you.
  2. Tks Grag I don't have very good news for you. I will change the color of the car. I opted for a two-color version that we have in Brazil called (skirt and blouse)
  3. Hi mates, how are you? I will be brief in my presentation. I'm TIAGO, from Brazil, but living in Portugal. I don't know if I can attend the forum, as it is for the MK2 Cavalier family, and I have a CHEVROLET MONZA CLASSIC SE (version of the GM family in Brazil). Yes, this Chevrolet Monza, is here with me in Portugal, and I'm 3 years in the battle to restore it. Here are some photos. Thanks for having me. If you want to follow the project closely, I'm on instagram with @monzcona. I post almost every day, with updates, problems and purchased parts. Thanks, Tiago Vianna,
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