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  1. PS. Cleaned the terminals on fuel sender but no joy. Must be the gauge I guess.
  2. Thank you for answering. I will have a look at the fuel gauge sender. On the speedo, Yes, I think the gear wheel is the problem as I have just moved the car with the speedo disconnected and the spline that goes into the speedo isn't turning. Do I unbolt the gear wheel? It has one bolt holding it in. Do you know if it is mendable or should I replace it? Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm Mark, ( another one) ... just joined today. I have a speedo problem. It gave up on me the other day. The car had been off the road for four years and on the way back from the MOT which, thankfully, it passed. the needle gave a little bounce and then stopped working. So I have just fitted a new cable but this hasn't fixed it. Annoying because I was very pleased with myself for fitting it. Anyone got any ideas. My car is an 86. convertible. If anyone has a spare speedo for it and thinks that is what I need I will buy it off them. It has a white needle and is clocked up to 140 mph. Independent of the speedo the fuel gauge also seems to have stopped working. Any tips? Part wise, I am looking for the little switch that goes between the seats to adjust the wing mirrors. If anyone has one or knows where I could find one I would be very grateful. I've been driving a Cavalier, -this is my second convertible, for over thirty years. The 1.8i such a great engine and still lovely to drive. Much more comfortable than my car from this millennium. Thanks for reading.
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