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    Cavalier Commander Hatch 1600s
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    Major rear chassis problems

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  1. No problem, or would you prefer tomorrow evening?
  2. Hi Mark, Missed your phone call sorry. Have tried to call you, but your voicemail is switched off. Hope to talk soon \jackie
  3. Hi Greg.

     Great to meet you at Sywell VBOA last weekend.

    Have you heard anymore from Andy about Cavalier Hatch?

    I gave him my email address, but no news yet.

    Thanks, Jackie Sanders

  4. Are you on WhatsApp? would be much easier for me. Thanks Jackie
  5. Hi, The chassis has collapsed by the spring on the off side rear. As far as we know, that's all, but have not investigated further and cannot get anyone interested in welding it. We were out at Criccieth on the 1st May and someone very kindly took aphoto stating sympathetically lowered at rear. We looked underneath and saw the damage. I have photos, if you would kindly send me your email address , I can forward them off my phone. Thanks for getting back so soon, Jackie
  6. Hi, As of yet we're not too sure. We're hoping to get another MK2 hatch. If anoter car comes along in the near future, we'll let you know. We also have a number of spares to go with it, new tyres, etc. Would like to mention that we live in Anglesey North Wales. The car is still taxed and has an MOT until September. Please keep in touch. Regards, Jackie
  7. Hi. Greg,

    Sorry I haven't replied sooner but have been hoping to get the Commander repaired, so far with no luck.

    I will be at Sywell this coming weekend in a Nova Cabriolet A12 VNC if you would like to come and see us.

    We've been invited to the MK2 Cav. stand by Andy.

    Look forward to meeting you.


    Jackie Sanders 07833562192

    1. Greg


      Hello Jackie, Ok, I will likely be in England rugby kit or lions kit.  Be good to chat, the commander hatch was my first mk2, love them. Greg

      P.S. if you find me tell me about the commander hatch (brain is fried at the mo).....I am stupid busy trying to get a car ready for the show, and have my boys this week too.....madness.

    2. Jackie Sanders

      Jackie Sanders

      Hi, Greg, any news from Andy about the Cavalier hatch? Was hoping he'd get in touch by now. 

      There's a blue D Reg on ebay, sounds promising. Have you seen it? 

      Hope to hear soon. Jackiesanders4307@gmail.com 

    3. Greg


       I spoke to Andy, I think he has been in touch

  8. I have a Cavalier Commander hatch which unfortunately has major rear chassis wear. I have been advised that it is terminal. I am gutted as she has been driving like a dream with 270000 plus miles on the original engine. So I am in the market for another MK2 Hatch preferably 1600s. Is anyone thinking of selling theirs please? I will be at Sywell in July and able to view any prospective car. Please contact Jackie Sanders on 07833562192 if interested. Thanks
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