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  1. thank you. everything should fit to the 80s. the red gets aluminium-rims from manta-b I bought the golden Ascona in November 2005. The car had only one owner. He was born in 1926. The car has almost all extras. I have inserted everything itself. I have needed years to find some rare parts. For Example the big reservoir for headlamp washer. The ABS is from my first Ascona, who unfortunately had an accident. ABS is very rare. There was this only in the last model year 1988 and only when E18NV and 2 liter engines. The red one also had only one owner. A Woman born in 1935. But the car needs a lot of work. here some more Pictures: Red Ascona: this is my Vectra-A V6 for everyday life.
  2. Hello. My Name is Simon. Im 26 Years old and i come from Darmstadt/Germany. Its near Rüsselsheim. I will show you my Asconas. The Frist is my Funcar. I drive it only on good weahter in Summer. It is a 1988 "GLS Exklusiv" it has the same interior trim than a Cavalier CD. Originally it had C20NE Engine, electric Mirrors, Central Locking and a Sunroof. Now it has almost everything and a C20XE. And this is the Ascona from my Girlfriend. Its a 1983 "Berlina" or "Cavalier GL" 16SH
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