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  1. Although I am a paid up member I won’t vote as I just come for the day, so I don’t think it’s right for me to vote as the two options have biggest impact on people camping.
  2. I thought LMF had done a good job last year, plus fly past was spot on. Seems a shame as LMF stepped in when Billing weren’t interested. What happens if Billing changes mind in 2 years time and kick VBOA out again?
  3. Biz

    Hi from NZ!

    Two cool cars and love the V8 going in the Commodore. glad to see both getting used
  4. I really like that, be watching this project
  5. Enjoyed the Spifire flypast. Thought it was good show. thanks to Steffens and Keir for looking after me.
  6. Be down on the Sunday now instead of Saturday
  7. I thought it was pretty good, although a little spaced out, but hard to visualise layout when doing planning for first show. Fair play to people involved for planning and sorting out the new venue
  8. Who do I need to pay for a ticket?
  9. Still planning on going to the show but camping the night before is 50/50 as struggling to get someone to look after the boy when the missus is at work.
  10. Biz

    New member

    Really nice car, much rarer than a SRi130 in my opinion love the fact the early SRi's don't have the side and rear skirts. Also gold hatchback SRi are the best cavaliers (not that I am biased)
  11. Cool car. Nice set of wheels and slammed suspension are all it needs in my view. Be good to see what you do to it.
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