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  1. kev131

    Irish member..

    Thanks for the welcome. Yes I think I remember that one. Maybe around 58k miles...and a solid blue? I think it was on the garage main website too for £1950ish so I'm not surprised a low offer was refused. Another went on Ebay a few weeks earlier ..metallic blue saloon I think for about similar money ie £1450. They look great if you're not bothered about about having the ultimate performance models. At the time I was only 80% interested but something happened while on holiday and if the right car came up I think I'd go for it. I have the space in my garage so no real excuses.
  2. kev131

    Irish member..

    Yes I saw that thanks. Waiting for the formal advert and good pics.
  3. kev131

    Irish member..

    Thanks for that..Matt? From reading the postings I see you're like me and like originality. I think it's the best way to remember these cars although there are some tasty looking modded cars on this site too.
  4. Hi guys. Been a member here for a few years but have never posted. My first love is classic Fiats (Mirafioris mainly) but having had 2 Mk 2 Cavs and the equivalent Ascona Luxus all in a row.....All red 1600s and back the early 80s, I've always had a longing to get another. I had a Mk 3 as a company car in 1990 (1400 basic) which was great at the time but I really liked the Mk 2s. I've been trawling the Internet looking for the right car to buy for some time now. It's got to be a series 3, one of the better specc'd models eg LX and up, totally original, preferably in mint condition and low miles. Not too concerned with price for the right car. Ideal would be a SRi 130..... But they seem to come up rarely in the condition I'm looking for. Something like this would be ideal. [img width=640 height=480]http://i766.photobucket.com/albums/xx305/kev132/image.jpg~original For some reason there is a huge choice of well preserved LHD Asconas available on the continent. Some nice two door saloon versions too.... Anyway, thanks for reading and any suggestions welcome... Congratulations on a great site by the way. The events gallery looks like great fun. I also see that you have ambitions for a Euro run. We've done this in our club every year since 2007 with next year set for Turin as the Fiat 131 is 40 years old. They are the highlight of the year..every year and I can't recommend them enough. Needless to say when I find the right Cavalier I'll be attending!!
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