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  1. The way the VBOA have handled this has been appalling. Newbody you're not alone in your feeling. I will say that neither options for billing were suitable for various reasons and to be fair the new venue looks good.
  2. Basically option 1 with camping beside the cars then
  3. ONLY THE VOTES OF CLUB MEMBERS WILL BE COUNTED OPTION 1 Billing run administration This is administratively similar to the 'old' way of running things. Booking through Billing with pricing much as before. Gate control and security by Billing. However that is where the similarity stops as operationally it is quite different in that there will be a vehicle only 'show' area, effectively the central block of the site with Mk2Cav old area top right. This will be divided up as now by VBOA into club areas where our cars will be during the day. This is about 21 acres. Campin
  4. What is the general feeling over on astramk2? My all accounts it wasn't a close race between Billing and MH
  5. This has come up a few times now and as decent shells 1.8 & 2.0 become more scarce using lower spec cars as a project base makes more sense. The main difference between the 1.3-1.6 shell and the 1.8-2.0 shell is that the 1.8-2.0 has a more beefy front subframe and crossmember setup. The issue is that you cannot simply transfer the subframe across. The longer subframe is located by 2 bolts in the centre while the shorter ones have one bolt and a locating dowl. Longer subframe Shorter subframe
  6. Do you find you get slaped alot at the weekend Karol ;D Welcome to the site lou Id say if your questioning weather you can do the head gasket or not then dont. Its not worth spending time and money tring if your not sure if you can, there is a bit of work in it If you do try it make sure you get the head skimmed as you'd be wasting your time otherwise
  7. Frisco

    New Member

    Hello and welcome That a sweet looking cav for the price of a good night out you did well
  8. Im afraid of nothing!! except rust
  9. Welcome. Any picys we love a good nosey ;D
  10. Hello and welcome Im happy to hear the looking in the dictionary for words is not only on my side ;D Although your english is a lot better than my german
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