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  1. The way the VBOA have handled this has been appalling. Newbody you're not alone in your feeling. I will say that neither options for billing were suitable for various reasons and to be fair the new venue looks good.
  2. Basically option 1 with camping beside the cars then
  3. ONLY THE VOTES OF CLUB MEMBERS WILL BE COUNTED OPTION 1 Billing run administration This is administratively similar to the 'old' way of running things. Booking through Billing with pricing much as before. Gate control and security by Billing. However that is where the similarity stops as operationally it is quite different in that there will be a vehicle only 'show' area, effectively the central block of the site with Mk2Cav old area top right. This will be divided up as now by VBOA into club areas where our cars will be during the day. This is about 21 acres. Campin
  4. What is the general feeling over on astramk2? My all accounts it wasn't a close race between Billing and MH
  5. Frisco


    We always try to help people here be that advice or sourcing parts etc and yes we do this for free for the most part but keeping the forum running as well as insurances all costs money and it's memberships that pay for it. It's not as if we are suddenly going to stop helping non members, we're just not like that but do you think the help offered is worth helping us keep the lights on Membership allows you access to post in certain parts of the forum and also allows you to attend shows like the VBOA which really is where this club really shows that we really have somethi
  6. Frisco


    I see the current black one every day since it was moved outside the workshop to make way for an Astra F GL
  7. Frisco


    I actually found a picture of my first cav the other day, it was an 88 Ascona Sprint in starmist black
  8. We're going to have to give this weekend a miss folks. Clara is 12 weeks now and very ill; I was going to come on my own but last weekend she was admitted to hospital. They're both ok but she's not traveling and it's not the time to leave her on her own with the little lunatic. Flights etc all paid for too!
  9. How to wash your vagina more like
  10. Thanks for the info John. To be honest I think us collecting the ticket money ourselves would be a good idea, it would put an end to the flakey "I might turn up" nonsense we saw this year where we had very little idea of how many were going to turn up. Does anyone have any knowledge of the possible alternatives?
  11. It's on the aquadrome fb page so I suppose it's true.
  12. Can't wait to see what delights hertz have to offer
  13. Flights, rental and hotel booked. By jaysus it's like 2008 again
  14. Mid to late November. December always turns into a ball of shite leading up to Christmas
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