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New user,hopefully soon to be a 130 owner!


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Hi folks,I'm Lee from the east coast of Scotland where it never rains!

Had lots of vauxhalls over the years,always mk2/3 cavs and novas.

Had everything from 1.3 5 door mk2 cavalier to a tuned 2.5 v6 4 door nova saloon.

On a recent barn find hunt me and a friend found a mj2 sri130 in black,it's missing a lot of parts and is rusty but I can't get it out of my head so I'm going to buy it and see how bad it is underneath and take it from there!

Unfortunately due to work and family it will be a couple of weeks till I can collect it but I'm going to get stuck straight in,I hope there's still plenty parts going about as I need a complete front end,drivers door complete,sills,valance and some interior trim!

Cannot wait to collect it though!

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Cool,not too far apart.my pal has just been at the guys yard who has the 130 and told him I'll be round in the next couple of weeks to collect it.

There's a story with it and it should be a good project.

I'll have to get a wanted thread started then a resto thread with pics!

I said I wouldn't buy another car that had lay outside after my last rs1600i failed resto,but this car looks solid in the usual rot areas,does need welding,cant get underneath to check the floor but I'm hoping it's good!

If I'm stuck for a measurement or how something should look/go together could I give you a shout to see your car?

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Hatchback,been off the road since 91 sitting in a yard slowly going back to nature.

Has some accident damage,things living in it,needs welded and the engine is missing,front end is solid though but a lot of parts are missing,wings,drivers door,valance,mouldings etc etc.

I'll defo get pics up when I collect it!

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91? Wow, that is a long time. Still, if it's saveable it's worth the effort. 130 is a rare breed these days. I wish someone would find my old saloon somewhere. It's not been on the road since 2001 apparently.. :(

I wish someone would find my saloon too....stolen in 2004 and still never turned up!

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