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Coventry Spares Day Sunday 09 March 2014

Matt O-SRi

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Had a nice day today although the whole place seems to go quiet around 12.30 midday which was a

little dissapointing!

Sold a few bits and the rest will be going on ebay in the next couple of weeks so watch this space!!

Met and had a nice chat with Tahir,a13tal and lion_Yo. :)

Great to meet and chat with members of mk2 cav and hopefully will be attending more events this year with my Convertible. ;D

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Well, what a fantastic day!! Gad I went, got a few little thing ticked off my "needed" list. Think Bargain of the day has to go to Steffi!!!! When given 5 shiney gold £1 coins and told to "go and see what you can get for that!" I dont think any of us were expecting her to come back with a full set of rear skirts for a saloon, all 4 pieces of side skirt, full 87 spec front valance trimand boot spoiler all in fantastic condition!!!!  :o ALL THAT FOR A FIVER!!? Tough job to top that!!!! ;)

Topped off with a cracking roast at a good pub with a good bunch of people!


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