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VBOA Billing 2014 Sign up thread


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The 32nd VBOA Meeting at Billing is the biggest Vauxhall, Bedford and Opel show in the UK, hopefully as good as last year!

One of the effects of Billing now being owned by a 'proper' holiday company determined to make it a reliable family holiday destination is a reduction of bad behaviour on the site and significant capital investment. The latest investment has gone on automatic electronic sluice gates on the River Nene which have proved themselves over the past winter. The flooding of a couple of years ago is now unlikely to reoccur.

The site is just off the A45 and its address is Billing Aquadrome, Crow Lane, Great Billing, Northampton, NN3 9DA.

Whilst the show dates are Saturday July 12th and Sunday July 13th 2014 we have members who turn up from Thursday and leave on Monday. Members who show a car on our stand will receive a 'Billing 2014' windscreen sticker.

The cost is the same again, with a pre-booked VBOA rally rate for non-electric pitches, which applies to the Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night (leave by 11.00 Monday) of £15. Extra nights outside those days are £20.This discounted rate is for one vehicle with a maximum of four occupants. Extra vehicles that do not leave the site are £10 for the visit, if they leave they are charged at £10 per day.

Pre-booking also allows entry to the Leisure Centre swimming pool at half price, £2.50 and various special meal prices in the Leisure Centre.

To pre-book call 01604 408181 (based at Billing), select option 2 (or 01524 781453 only if you have to - national booking centre) and quote the VBOA booking code - VBOA2014. If they ask, tell them you will be in Shellduck Meadow 1

BOOKINGS NOW AT FULL RATE (Do this BEFORE the 5th July as bookings after that date will be at the full rate). Please keep this booking reference to Club members only.

Those coming for just a day and not staying overnight will be charged £10 per vehicle, with up to 4 occupants, on the gate with no pre-booking.

More investment has gone into the shower block next to the auto jumble which has been demolished and rebuilt (doubled in size) with toilets and 28 showers (14 male, 14 female). All will be open and serviced 24 hours a day.

The enhanced Billing Security team plus a dedicated VBOA dog handler will provide security and apply an 11.00pm site curfew/excess noise rule. Chinese lanterns are not permitted, as these are a potential fire hazard.

There will be entertainment in the Leisure Centre on Saturday night.

Park management will attend the 9.00am VBOA rep briefing meetings on Saturday and Sunday morning to handle any complaints about facilities etc.

This should be a really good event, so get your names down in a post. Please do not modify the ‘who is coming when’ post. Mods will do that from your posts, just as we do with the ‘who has got what Cavalier’ thread.

Please keep this thread to booking only. Use the other Billing chat thread for chat!!!    http://www.mk2cav.com/index.php/topic,22098.0.html

As usual this is a formal club event so while everyone is welcome to drop by and join in only members who are paid up at the time of the event can show their cars on the stand.

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Please do not cut and post it. Mods will add your name.

Please put your name and which Cav you are bringing.

Friday through to Monday

Newbody & Lou - red diesel estate and hopefully pickup!

Andy- Newbodys gold estate

Rosco & boss - blue turbo

Thursday night through to Sunday

Paul - estate most likely

Brett, SRi Turbo,


Dazzy130 - clean and gleam 130


Friday overnight/Saturday

Damo (Gonch) - beige CD

Saturday overnight/Sunday

PMD - Calibre

kensascona - SR/E

Benz - SR

PaulGreen700 - SRi

Friday overnight/Saturday overnight/Sunday

Blitz 2 door and the black sri

Davedave: Goldie (maybe also 2 door WIP on trailer)

Andy & Kat: GL (yellow ideally)

Matt O and Zoie + kids  - red early SRi

MikMak40 - Calibre

Tim & Jo - White 130

Greg - Blue LX



Hammopower - Calibre

Vauxhal - Calibre


Oog - Cabby

Lambo - SRi

Friday day only

GreyDJ Grey CDi

Saturday day only

GreyDJ Grey CDi


Sunday day only

GreyDJ Grey CDi

Retro Cav - Davedaves Goldie

Tahir - Calibre

Attending with no Cav

Biz - Saturday


Stuart Wilding - Saturday

Rocket - Friday to Sunday

Andy F - Friday to Sunday

Will be there but don't know when or what in :)


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Just a reminder that everyone with a MK2 on the stand or who is planning to camp with us over on the stand should be a paid up, full member or at least accompanying one as a close friend, relative, partner, spouse, child, pet, or other(!)

Failure to do so will result in being chased for membership on the day and upon any refusal non-admittance

It's a legal, binding, insurance condition that only club member's vehicles are on the stand on the day.

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How much do I have to pay to camp on Friday & Saturday night? I'm also staying with a friend. Can I be added to list? I would of put this post in with the Billing chat but it's closed. Just to understand is it £15? Sorry for acting dumb but want to make sure.

you can either ring them direct or pay on the gate.

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Just realised billing is ontop of us again and i havnt even booked yet!

Rosco + the boss friday to monday in the blue bag of crap

will pay membership there if thats ok?




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Hi all

Calibre needs some bits and bobs doing this week but she is pretty much all ready for billing

I have been badly organised and not booked yet for billing

Is it best I call and reserve (just a camping slot with electric)

Or shall I just do it over the website ?

I noticed there is a reduced rate on a previous thread?


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Just to confirm guys as I've obviously paid to be a member as I drive a Laguna will I be on your stand? don't mind if it's at the back. As I'm camping 2 nights Friday & Saturday. It's so I know where I'm at etc. I will be arriving roughly at 8 in the evening depending on traffic as I'll be leaving my house roughly 6 ish. Any help will be appreciated ;). I haven't paid yet for staying there can I pay on gate?

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Hello friends!

I've been trying, I've been hoping up to the last minute.

But ... I'm sad to say that the car is not ready for the trip from Germany to Britain.

It's the engine that makes big problems.

The car is standing in the garage by now and I've stopped all preparations for the trip.

Doesn't make sense to go for such a long journey and risking a breakdown.

Folks - I'm so sorry!!

I promise ... next year we'll meet at Billing.

By then the estate will have got a new registration plate with the admired "H" at the end - for a "historic" car.

Many many Greetings from Bremen,

Cheers, Tom

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Don't worry daz, just filled my fridge with cider, will be nice and cold ready for when I get there  ;)

That is one extension lead :P

1988 Vauxhall Cavalier mk2 LX 2.0 white (basket case rebuild)

1988 Vauxhall Cavalier mk2 LX 1.6 red (not so basket case rebuild)

1988 Vauxhall Cavalier mk2 LX 1.6 met blue (why, why indeed?)

1986 Vauxhall Cavalier mk2 GLi 1.8 met blue (when 3 isn't enough?)

2005 Vauxhall Monaro VXR 6.0 V8

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Bit late in the day , I know, but I'm coming down today to Sunday. Just me on my own this time and not in a Cav again - can't get her to start, but ni mind, I'll be there anyway in a Skoda lol

Cya later guys.

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