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Hi Paul,

yes cavalier is in very good condition for its age, has only done 36000 miles. Does need a new hood however as has been left down too long and damaged. Found can get one out of Germany for a reasonable cost.

This is the ex Bagshaw cavalier, John Bagshaw was MD of Vauxhall in early - mid 80’s and car was built for his wife. He returned to Aus as head of Holden in 1987 and car came too.

Car is fitted with air conditioning so can keep cool with hood up or down.

we are in a Northern suburb of Brisbane.

Car under cover is a 1927 20/60 Grafton coupe, also have a VX220 and 71 Viscount.

Cheers Ron

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Thanks, also another convertible up in the Cairns area believe it is red also a member of VOCA.

what size is your engine, 1.8 or 2.0L?

our convertible was in SA but couldn’t get registered, wanted it fitted with side intrusion bars in doors, catalytic converter and inertia reel lap & diagonal seat belts in rear. 
interesting as previously registered in Vic, NSW and was still reg in QLD.


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That's weird - mine was registered with no problems and doesn't have any of the above. It went through the inspection place back in 2015ish I think.

I've put some more details up here if you're interested: https://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/216046/1984-vauxhall-cavalier-sri-australia

It's a 1.8 but has been converted from an auto with a Daewoo box that's a bit low-geared for my liking. Am on the lookout for a wide-ratio replacement.

The guy I bought it from here in Adelaide has an SRi sedan, there's also a diesel wagon here in SA too. I think there's at least one more Cav in NSW.

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