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My name is Valentin. I live in Belgium, near Chimay -for those who love beers-. I love cars since my birth and I've always loved motoring from the 80s. I own a may 1988 (belgian-made) Ascona 1.6 LS, low mileage, french model, saved from the scrap last year. So back to its birth place!

Oddly specced : red, twin mirrors, grey faux-leather, no radio or speakers (well, it changed with period correct Sharp headunit and Pioneer speakers).

The CCs were not that rare back in the day, but I haven't seen one (except mine) since the early 00s. So, I'm pretty proud of my time capsule. It's the most reliable car I've ever had. Opels are very popular here, but I can't find any answers to my dumbest questions... And specific CC spares are hard to find in here. So, why not trying the other side of the pond !

Here are some pics of my pride and joy IMG_20201107_151428.thumb.jpg.cf5227c41619a109b3c10d6d8422a0a4.jpgIMG_20210221_113440.thumb.jpg.96e3363dfcf559266442afb603185a6b.jpgIMG_20201118_144256.thumb.jpg.e0d9ccf00ce8f825513b116ea65f552f.jpg


See you soon ! 


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