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    Didnt think it would have survived some how as it was in a bad shape when it was traded in. The inner wings were shot and the underneath needing constant welding. Great car though and I still have one of the alloys and centre cap in my garage.
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    Just came across this site whilst looking for pictures of mk2 Sri's as I used to own one in the early 90s. My car was one of the first Sri's been registered 1983 on a Y plate and was a hatch back in Aqua Marine blue, purchased November 1990 with 72k on the clock. I owned the car for just over 4 years in which time I put 120k on the clock. The car gave little trouble until 150k when the head gasket went then the bottom end, gearbox,ball joints,fuel pipes and other bits and bobs! I could probably write a book on Cavalier problems but in defence of the car it was 12 years old at the time and had been thrashed to with in an inch of its life when I had it and has proved more reliable than the car that replaced it a 3 year old Pug 106 Xsi with 25k on the clock! The car saw some action, love the folding seats ;D and I would love to own another one but doubt that the wife would let me have anymore projects but if I came across my old car I would buy it in a flash but I expect that it has been scrapped as it was needing welding for each Mot towards the end of my ownership. If anyone does come across it it was last seen in Troon Ayrshire and the Reg number was LUS929Y. Bruce
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