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  1. OOG


  2. OOG

    2016 Show Season

    Always willing to help out!
  3. OOG

    2016 Show Season

    So who is organising stands and stuff this year?
  4. OOG

    New Member

    Welcome, the Cav looks very nice.
  5. OOG

    2016 Show Season

    Ok, 2016 is well underway and I'm sure there are lots of us beavering away preparing our Cavaliers for the summer. the question is, what events are people liking forward to and apart from the obligatory VBOA Billing, what shows will the club be organising stands for?
  6. OOG

    retro rides 2015

    Is it worth perhaps using this as a recruitment drive and seeing if we can drag out some non members with Mk2 Cavs? How many passes do we have left over?
  7. OOG

    Important camping retro rides

    There's a lot of weakness going on here. I thought you were all strong in the Cav game. I will be there on Saturday.
  8. OOG

    Rolling Road Day 9th May

    Twas a great weekend and a good warm up for Billing
  9. OOG

    Rolling Road Day 9th May

    If have left the rolling road, we will only be down the road at Billing
  10. OOG

    Rolling Road Day 9th May

    I shall be there in the convertible
  11. OOG

    Rolling Road Day 9th May

    Getting close now, really looking forward to a good Cav weekend away
  12. OOG

    All reet from Accrington....newbie

    Hello fellow cabby owner!
  13. OOG

    retro rides 2015

    Likewise, I'll save a spot next to my tent! Lol
  14. OOG

    Rolling Road Day 9th May

    I'm guessing I just volunteered myself for this then? Lol