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  1. Well, it's gone. Thanks Brett, enjoy! Thanks for all the interest. Dan
  2. Yep, just south of Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Couple of pictures taken today attached. Let me know if you can't see them Not gonna pretend its a minter! Comments from my Dad: Just gave it a wash, the hood still appears good, the damp on the seat is only from the pressure hose round the window. I think you know the rest of the faults - non goer, tyres flat in same place for x years, battery shot, bit of rust here and there!, fuel leaking now (although not easy to spot - tank does sound more or less empty), brake pipes were doubtful when I stop driving it
  3. Hi All, My dad has a Vauxhall Cavalier Convertible that has been parked up for 5-6 yrs now. It is on a D plate. It was in reasonable condition when it was parked up but has obviously suffered some deterioration whilst parked up. Dad needs to get it off the drive now and is likely just to send it to the scrappy. Thought I would try offer it to anyone who would be interested before it gets scrapped. I'm happy to get some pictures for anyone who is interested and will try to answer any questions. This is offered free to a good home, you just need to sort out taking it away. Thanks, Dan
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