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  1. Paulegt

    My Mk2 Cavalier

    Thankyou for all the comments. This year will be focused on sorting out around the sunroof where the metal has now split and needs plating and filling. Then it will be any welding for M.O.T next year.
  2. Paulegt

    My Mk2 Cavalier

    IIt's a 2.0 CD with 5 speed manual f16 box with 126000 miles on clock. Certainly have to "drive" this one compared to newer cars. Bit like driving my old celica supra I used to have many years ago before they went through the roof.
  3. Paulegt

    My Mk2 Cavalier

    This is now my daily car and did a trip of 380miles other weekend so still has plenty of life yet.
  4. Paulegt

    My Mk2 Cavalier

    I came about this car on good ole ebay. I used to own a mk3 CDX and drove that as a daily until it stalled on the wife and she said "I not driving that anymore". It was put on my parents drive for a few years and then my own till I had time to put it back on the road. As the wife would not let me put the car outside the house to do the work it sat there in a sorry state. So I said fine Il get rid of it if I can buy another one that's already running. Then whilst on ebay saw this one and had to get it. Paid just over 2 grand but she so much more fun to drive than the mk3 ever was.
  5. Hi all my name is Paul and I bought this jem last year from Dorset. Love driving her but she going to need some work soon.
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