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  1. Thanks for this post, took me a while to fugure it all out but I got there, very useful video tutorial!
  2. If only.... ;D Trouble is the job she has lined up for me has been "on the list for 12 years" so I reckon I've stalled for long enough, or at least I've given it a fair go... ha ha!
  3. Well if the photobucket tutorial has worked this is my convertible as she was a coupe of years ago... she's a bit dirtier now! The wheels are non Vauxhall, one of my items on "to do" list is source some genuine 14 x 6 Vauxhall alloys. I now these cars generally had 13 inch wheels but I prefer the slightly larger ones. I'm not going up to silly sizes, I agree they can look nice but they're just not my preference. So maybe she will be rescued, but the Mrs has found out my summer plans to get her back on theroad. She's not happy... more household DIY is first ..... !
  4. "get some pics posted" 2Cavs I'll do that, is there anywhere that explains how? They'll be from a couple years ago when she was last on the road, I'm too embarrassed about her condition now... cat paw marks and the like are the nicer parts. And before anyone shouts she had full re-spray in a "Ford" Radiant Red ... I just liked the colour more than Vauxhall Carmine Red, I'm not apologising as she's my car, but if offends anyone then don't look!
  5. A quick hello, but not sure I'm in the right place, since this is a "saloon " and I only have a convertible... hopefully I'm still allowed in I've had my car 16 yrs or so, she's an 87 red convertible basically solid but due to credit crisis and cash flow, she's been cached for last 2 yrs and a little bit SORN because of it. Now maybe I can rejuvenate her with some TLC for a little open air cruising! She needs a new roof, I have a spare frame thats going to get refurbed but first the MOT will probably tell me that the brakes and fuel system need attention. Also I may need a new fuel tank, I think the metal worm could have gotten into mine! Once I've gotten underneath her I can decide how much welding is required (on the floor not the tank!) Other than that its in excellent condition and I hope to keep it for years... the missus may not like to hear this, so no one rat on me please! Cheers for now!
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