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  1. Norfo19

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    That's really nice! Not sure I'll get to 5, need to work out where to put this one
  2. Norfo19

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    I was perhaps being to specific, I was after an exact version of the one I had when I was 18!!! It was a saloon light metallic blue/black one, absolutely love it, until it was stolen!!!!
  3. Norfo19

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    Just a bit of weekend use. Nothing major. Have a bit of fun in it but keep it in good condition ?
  4. Norfo19

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    Hi All treated myself to this today http://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/282114772093 been looking for 130 for long time but when I drove this, I had to have it! Was expensive but with a couple of minor improvements will be spot on. im picking it up in the week, any ideas of best insurance company to go with. cheers Andy
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