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  1. Thanks guys, setting my sights on Calibra seats.
  2. Hi, Im a newbie to this site so please be gentle with me. I have recently bought a 86 Cabrio and am buying an 87 Cabrio next week. My plan is to leave the 86 standard but as the 87 has already had eleci windows / central locking and PAS fitted I thought I might play with it a bit. Im looking at the option of having the entire interior leathered up or buying all seats out of a Mk3 and playing with the panels later. So, do the Mk3 seats fit and If so which ones, also can anyone tell me any good re-trimmers in the Lancashire area. ??? Im not just playing at this, my first car back in 1990 w
  3. Hi, Can you tell me please please please, what/where and how etc the Leather interior came from. Looking to do the same on one of mine. Any info greatly loved and cherished. Ta. Russ.
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