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  1. Thanks for all the kind comments guys and hello to everyone Aye it took me 2 years in total but I restore high end classic cars for a living so did pretty much everything bar the paint job on Saturdays so it's been a 1 day a week over 2 years project although there's been a few late nights etc thrown in the mix to get certain bits boxed off I put new arches and sills and valances in on both sides rebuilt the wheel arches etc they were only scabby not rotten but I wanted it mint!! And the engine was just to make it more fun to drive which it certainly is
  2. Hello everyone!! Thanks for all the nice comments!! Trying to book the time off work for billing iv just done Pvs which was good so hopefully get to billing too! Aye mate I put it on eBay I deliberately overpriced it so people would offer around 4k which I would of took rather than put it up for how much I want and get offered silly offers but I opted for the even better idea of ending the listing and moving house to one with a big garage to keep her tucked away in
  3. Go guys thanks for the warm welcome a nice comments makes the 2 years of stress worth while haha
  4. Hi everyone my names tom and I own a mk2 cavalier CD which I have recently restored and fitted a c20let to Aswell, you may reckognise it from this months total vaux mag or Facebook and the like.... Finally got round to signing up look forward to seeing other members cars and meeting people and shows etc
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