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  1. andyf

    85 Cavalier SRi

    Not been on here for a while. Sold 3 of my cdi's last year so down to a early spec Sri and sr. recenty purchase this one. It's currently having some work done on rear arches and sills.
  2. andyf

    New member

    Welcome you've made a great choice best interior by far and a rare model. I sold my white one a few months back but still have 5 inc my early blue saloon.
  3. Hi how much would it cost for 2x no 10 pipes and 2x no 11 pipes posted to av392lu Scotland. Thanks there for a  1983 1.8 e engine.

  4. andyf

    Another MK2 cavalier enroute to Scotland

    I may try and make this one.
  5. andyf

    Another MK2 cavalier enroute to Scotland

  6. andyf

    Another MK2 cavalier enroute to Scotland

    Hi guys I'm from Stonehaven had 6 cavs but sold one last week a white Sri will kick my self, but ended up buying a c plate cdi with no work needing done. Might bump in to you if your at any shows over the summer as I'm just finishing off my a plate Sri saloon.
  7. andyf


    What was the main problem
  8. andyf

    Stephen's 1982 1.6 L

    Yes chep that was me.
  9. andyf

    Stephen's 1982 1.6 L

    I'm sure this is the car I seen at a show in errol this year spoke to the owner. It's mint had a great chat with the guy.
  10. andyf

    New mk2 owner Scotland ! 1982 1.6 L

    Nice mate welcome I'm to in Scotland just south of aberdeen I have 6 m2's.
  11. andyf

    New member in Scotland

    Hi James If your ever up my way give me a shout and I will show my 20 car collection 6 of which are cavs.
  12. andyf

    New member in Scotland

    James I stay just south of aberdeen place called stonehaven.
  13. andyf

    New member in Scotland

    Welcome be good to see it in the flesh one day. Andy
  14. andyf

    3 Calibres to restore need help

    Hi vick Welcome to the club. Lots of members on here that will give you loads of advise. I have 5 mk2's and all at different stages of repair. Any pics and how long have you had the first two for. Good luck Andyf
  15. andyf

    sri grey hatch ebay

    When this first came up I was out bid at last minute with some one with no feedback. two days later up for sale at it wouldn't start but working now. cant remember who won it second time around but I don't think the owner will break it.