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  1. I’m based up north probably the furthest north on this site ( Stonehaven) but I’m looking at a couple cars next week will get back to you soon as I get them out as someone else was asking me too. I can deliver or get one delivered by myself or a friend so no problem of being damaged. I’m looking for £100 plus £25 to delivery. I’ll get pics up first to see if your interested and you can let me know. Andy.
  2. Cracking job your doing , I’m almost finished my sr
  3. Where you based and what colour do you need.
  4. Bought my sr from a guy in Mansfield ( garelli rider was his nick name) back in 2012 then drove it all the way home to Aberdeenshire.
  5. The cdi is a great car esp having ps, central locking, electric Windows& mirrors. I have 2 and one in the same colour as yours which needs a bit of work.
  6. Not been on here for a while. Sold 3 of my cdi's last year so down to a early spec Sri and sr. recenty purchase this one. It's currently having some work done on rear arches and sills.
  7. andyf

    New member

    Welcome you've made a great choice best interior by far and a rare model. I sold my white one a few months back but still have 5 inc my early blue saloon.
  8. Hi how much would it cost for 2x no 10 pipes and 2x no 11 pipes posted to av392lu Scotland. Thanks there for a  1983 1.8 e engine.

  9. Hi guys I'm from Stonehaven had 6 cavs but sold one last week a white Sri will kick my self, but ended up buying a c plate cdi with no work needing done. Might bump in to you if your at any shows over the summer as I'm just finishing off my a plate Sri saloon.
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