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  1. Very nice. Reminds me of my black 130 saloon..
  2. Nice to see that Cav is still about and getting some TLC. It used to be fairly local to me (Fife) and I saw it out and about only a few weeks ago when the previous owner still had it. Sadly, the lad who owned it, Adam, passed away a couple of weeks ago after a serious accident in his Nova.
  3. Glenn-130

    new member

    Hi and welcome. Car looks great. 8)
  4. I'm hoping to put in an appearance next year, even if it is in the Vectra.
  5. Glenn-130

    new member

    Where in Scotland are you?
  6. Glenn-130

    new member

    Hi and welcome. Sounds like you have the makings of a nice car. He says the original colour, so being a Commander it will be silver.
  7. Did anyone take any pics of this? 8)
  8. Glenn-130


    Hi and welcome! Your Cav will look sweet when it's done. Helios blue mid specs look great.
  9. Great pics Matt. Loving the Cavaliers (obviously! ). Nice photo of the British Telecom HA vans. I can remember when they were a common sight on the roads..
  10. 91? Wow, that is a long time. Still, if it's saveable it's worth the effort. 130 is a rare breed these days. I wish someone would find my old saloon somewhere. It's not been on the road since 2001 apparently..
  11. Nice one on finding a black 130. Is it saloon or hatch. Pics when you get it, regardless of condition.
  12. Welcome along. Looks like a nice clean Cabby. I'm in Sheffield and Barnsley a lot with work. Will have to keep an eye out for your Cav.
  13. What he said.. Nice looking Cav, hope it goes to someone who will look after it.
  14. Nice models there. I'd like a 130 model but they didn't make saloons..
  15. If it's beyond saving then get it reshelled. 130's are few and far between!
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