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  1. Just driven Formby to Uttoxeter after new plugs, oil and filters. Max speed 101 lepricorns after some dude in a generation 1 mini Cooper decided to fail gate me on the A50. Cruise set to the the speed limit for all the other 85 out of 86 miles. 33 mpg achieved. Most of The time at 70 mph on the M6 it was showing an instantaneous reading of 36 to 40 mpg. When you floor it, with the sport buttom pressed, it drops to 7 mpg instananeous. The 3 weeks before I did a total of 25 miles, around Formby, and achieved ah....16 mpg.
  2. I've got some wings and welding to do on a mk1 mx5 when the weather improves, so erm no.
  3. I fitted mk3 Cav GSi front brakes, to the one I had in 2006. Until the engine fell apart on the Runcorn Bridge. Rabbit bought it off me. I think I also passed on a full body kit to him...... The standard wheels give about a fag paper of clearance. (But an early identical looking mk1 Astra GTE wheel wont fit due to more metal in the casting. )
  4. Did anyone ever convert a diesel to auto, and run it on chip fat. Now that's a car I'd enjoy. Especially if very base model.
  5. If I drive in cruise at 70 mph, and don't touch the accelerator it gives 34 mpg average. It improved after a full service, coil packs and a stainless Cat back exhaust. As soon as you start using any road with roundabouts, where you have to brake and accelerate, it starts to drop. When I was going to Derby, the first 60 miles to J15 of the M6, would give me 34 mpg, but after 40 miles on the A50 it would be showing 28. Round town, I'm getting 14. If you floor it from rest to 100 without taking your foot off the accelerator, 7. It's a 4 speed auto. I despite me saying that automatics were for people with no motoring soul, I bought it because my left leg couldn't take the clutch in traffic on the m6 on a Friday afternoon. There's one cavalier I wish id kept. The cdi auto. Clunk.into.third.com
  6. I've never used Facebook. And never will.
  7. So, I was here in 2004, and last time I owned a mk2 cavalier was 2008. I stopped coming in 2010, lost my login and changed my email address. So 10 years later what's been happening? Personally. I've since then owned a mk3 Astra, mk4 astra, volve S40, accord 2.2 cdti and currently have a 3.2 MV6 omega as my daily driver, which I'm doing about 20K a year in. I've just fitted a stainless Jetex, due to the old one being like rusty cheese Wife has a mk6 Astra, auto. Bought because she needed an electronic hand brake. It's giffer spec. I recently had a heart attack which was Ironic, given that I'd lost 3 stone over the last year. Now working 3 days a week. 2 from home and one in Hinkley. Only a 2.5 hour commute.
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